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Stingray Staff
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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Primary Teacher Feature: Buff Craig

This week, the primary teacher feature is coming to us from second grade.  It is Buff Craig!!!  If you don't know Buff, I could describe her in many ways:  a true team player, caring, and downright fun, fun, fun.  Buff works with her students to create a community of learners and just by being in her room for two minutes you automatically know they love her and buy into everything she asks them to do.  This week Buff's class found out they were one of the September JiJi classes of the month.  This month that was awarded to the classes that had the highest syllabus progress on ST math for the month of September. 

To celebrate, students were wearing a class set of blue beads.  They were so proud to show off their treasures when I came in to visit them the following day: 

Why does Buff's class accomplish so much on ST math?  Because of the JiJi culture that Buff has established in her room.  She loves JiJi the penguin just as much as me!!!!

Buff's room is a great place for students to learn.  It is calming and pleasing to the eye.  For those of you who are new to Sexton or have not had the opportunity to visit Buff in a while, here is some of what you might see: 

                         Team building activities displayed for students to learn about eachother.

                           Fun details that are pleasing to the eye in each content area display. 

  Well defined areas for small group instruction with tools that she uses to challenge student thinking. 

Buff is one our greatest teacher treasures.  She is truly amazing to work with. 

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