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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Primary Teacher Feature: Lisa Cook

This week our primary teacher feature is coming to us from the wonderful world of Kindergarten.  This week's featured teacher is Lisa Cook.

If I was to describe Lisa in just a few words they would be passionate about her role in education, and dedicated to Sexton Elementary School.  Lisa is so passionate about education she does engagement walkthroughs for the district to assist other schools as they too find ways to further engage students in the school day.

There is  an art in teaching Kindergarten and in Lisa's room it is about those little details that make kindergarten fun.  Until I walked in this week with the purpose of capturing these details, there were things I have never noticed about Lisa's room, and I am in their weekly to visit one of her little friends. 

Here are the details that make Lisa's room a great place for some of our smallest stingrays to begin their educational experiences: 

 Student pictures are featured in a flip chart accessible by all students.  This serves as a type of bucket filler for kindergarten system.  Processes have been put into place so that at appropriate times, students can compliment and fill each others buckets.

 Evidence of students starting to build the foundation of the work that will carry them from kindergarten to fifth grade.

 These were one of those details I have missed every time I visit her room.  Her room is filled with peace signs and groovy details. 

 Student work displayed for visitors to admire.

 Students engaged in their work every time I visit.

 Another one of those small details that make her room special.  Glitter cupcakes for the students birthdays. 

An array of pointers for students to choose from when doing calendar and reading from big books.  In kindergarten, it is all about the small and special details.

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