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Stingray Staff
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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Primary Teacher Feature: Molly Overby

This week I would like to feature Molly Overby as our Primary Teacher Feature.  Molly is coming to us from 2nd grade this year.  Molly is rocking in second grade.  You would think that she has been teaching second grade for longer than just two months, but that is how long it has been, since Molly was a first grade teacher last year. 

Molly has amazing processes in place in her classroom.  Her journals are amazing and I have featured those on the school wide curriculum feature last month.  This month I wanted to feature all the little details that are awesome strategies for highest student achievement that are evident in every space in her classroom. 

 There are numerous access points to vocabulary that is displayed throughout the classroom.  There is no question as to what these mathematical terms are referring to. 

 The vocabulary routine that is present throughout the second grade team, including Molly's classroom is highly interactive. 

 Her fifth grade friends re rejoicing as they see evidence of science being taught and experienced by her second graders.

 Molly has set the tone for the expectations in every content area.  The expectation is you will participate, but you will do so with constant respect for your peers.

 A little superhero corner.. :)

 Students can leave specific compliments to each other. 

 Data is displayed and tracked.  It is easy to understand and is accessible.

A rubric is present and used throughout the day. 

So many high yields strategies in one classroom.  Molly is an amazing teacher and we are so lucky to have her at Sexton Elementary School.

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