Stingray Staff

Stingray Staff
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Monday, October 27, 2014

Kryptonite Kudos

A big thank you to:

Everyone who helped out with the fall festival.  We had an amazing turnout, amazing baskets, amazing family and an amazing team.  I had people coming in early before work, people staying late after work and amazing basket donations.  As I watched Rick work his magic with the decoration, my heart was so happy thinking about how exciting the night was going to be for our families.  I could not have done it without each of you and our amazing volunteers.  I am afraid to even list people because I am afraid that I will forget someone:  Katie Reynard, Frank Robinson, Emily Loggins, Christina Platt, Melissa Grolley, Suzette Almeida, Sheila, Suzette, Gina Broadbear, Nicole Sackett, Tiffany Morra, Jana Bailey, Bonnie Kelley, Mark and his wife, Lisa and Caroline our fabulous face painters, our entire 5th grade team, Becki, Karen, Mick, Rick, Darla, Beth, Jennifer and Pam, Suely, and everyone who brought their children to enjoy the evening.  See I am nervous even pushing enter on this because I am afraid I forgot someone.

Karin Somanath who is working to put together an amazing Great American Teach In.  If you have never experienced a Sexton style GATI, you are in for a real treat because Karin goes above and beyond for our students.  Days like GATI are the moments the students will remember for years to come.  They are the moments that create wonder and spark an interest in our students.  Enjoy that day with them. 

Teri Trudell who has been super flexible and is splitting her day between two classrooms.  If you see Teri, please give her a hug.  She needs one.  It is not easy being in two places at once.  How many times have we misplaced something in our classrooms and that is when we are in one place.  I misplace something daily, so Teri I can totally relate to how you are feeling.  You are amazing.

The entire 5th grade team for the support you are providing Teri as she adjusts this week.  

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