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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Intermediate Teacher Feature: Cate Clark

Our intermediate grades teacher feature is coming to us from the fourth grade.  This week I would like to feature Cate Clark's classroom.  If you don't know Cate, I would describe her as colorful, a learner, caring, and diligent.  Cate's students adore her.  They are excited about their learning and I attribute that to the fact that Cate is also a learner and is constantly looking for new and better practices for her classroom. 

I have featured this detail before from Cate's classroom.  Cate has a different teaching area for each of the content areas.  While presenting the content to be explored that day, Cate begins the lesson in the appropriate content area location and students walk through the what, how, and why of what they are learning during that day's lesson: 

Cate loves teaching science.  It is one of her greatest passions.  It is evident when you enter her room, as there are plants and science experiment happening in every nook: 

She has developed creative ways to monitor student behavior.  Sometimes just by switching up your ordinary color chart can bring a whole new sense of life and buy in to the system: 

Like many of you, Cate also uses the bucket fillers concept to create community in her classroom.  Here is how she does that with her students; 

Student work is displayed both inside the room and outside the room.  Cate's students are so proud of their work, and they are proud to be in Cate's class. 

It is a pleasure working with Cate.  Thank you for sharing your passion for education with all of us this week. 

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