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Sunday, October 12, 2014

School Wide Feature: JiJi Culture

This week I started actively looking for signs of JiJi culture.  I wouldn't be surprised if that term starts to be slipped into conversation from the district because I had a full hour of JiJi culture training. 

So what is JiJi culture?  Well it is actually not much more than evidence of ST math around the school.  Do students know that there is a math program called ST math?   Our do!!!  When we are walking around the school is there evidence of ST math around the building?  YUP!!!! 

It could be something as simple as an ST math chart to something you have created/designed to motivate students.  I have seen evidence of both.  Here is a little of what I found as I looked for evidence of ST math/JiJi culture this week: 

 In Leanne Lapointe's classroom, the student with the highest syllabus completion from the week before is the JiJI student of the week.  Students get to keep the coveted JiJi on their desks.

 Student individual progress is monitored with individual penguins who move closer and closer to the 100% mark.

 Teachers across the school have charts that track student progress from week to week and the postcards displayed for the class syllabus completion.

 Tiffany Morra's students each have their own penguins in their ST math board.

 In the computer lab JiJi welcomes our students as they enter to participate in ST Math.

 Buff Craig has JiJi displayed for the world to see that her kiddos love ST math.

 Amanda Babb's ST math board has students climbing up towards 100%.

She also recognizes the student each week who has made the most improvement.

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