Stingray Staff

Stingray Staff
What a Super(hero) family!!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Kryptonite Kudos!!!!!

Kryptonite Kudos to the following staff members this week:

  1. Pam Miller and Lisa Willis- A super speedy and super safe bus evacuation drill!!!! 
  2. Keesha Graham- Singing a fabulous rendition of a Grease Movie Classic with me.  Start thinking of our next duet for the spring family night :) 
  3. Everyone who participated and made literacy night a huge success.  
  4. Delia Meros- For enlightening me on the 504 process.  She really dropped a knowledge bomb on both myself and Kim Chipman.  
  5. The entire staff who chipped in for the great water debacle of 2014.  
  6. Tracy Leskanic and Officer Sessions who spent two and a half hours walking students from bathroom to bathroom at Northeast High School.  
  7. Amy Ash for organizing a great first week to ELP and Beth Bates for having everything ready for us each and every day after school. 
  8. All of our ELP teachers.  This is going to be even more epic than last year.  The students are super (hero) excited.  
  9. Karen Somanath- who works and works and works to make everything she does better than it was last year.  

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