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Monday, October 27, 2014

Primary Teacher Feature: Jennifer Johnson

This week's primary teacher feature is coming to us from the first grade team.  It is their fabulous team leader, Jennifer Johnson. 

I will never forget the first time I saw first grade journals.  It was in Jennifer Johnson's classroom last year.  I remember thinking....Holy cow, these journals are amazing.  Her first graders were writing....and they were writing a lot.  They were writing on topic and they did so consistently. 

Because of the way we have split the grade levels this year, I do not have the opportunity to go through the primary classrooms as often unless I am looking for something specific.  So having the opportunity to really look at one primary classroom over the course of a week, while I capture the essence of that teacher has been amazing.  There are always so many details I never notice otherwise, and Jennifer's classroom was no exception. 

 Her door is always welcoming. 

 One thing I never noticed was just how visual everything in Jennifer's room is.  Pictured above is the morning routine which is featured prominently upon entering the room.  There is a picture flow chart along with a description of what each picture is for.  There is not a question about the processes in place in her classroom. 
 Each student has work featured on the student work board. 

 Jennifer's classroom is an underwater sea theme.  The theme's at Sexton are amazing.

 I thought the pictograph/bar graph was super first grader friendly.

 The student work is colorful and covers the room. 

 Another example of a very visual processes chart.  I never noticed this CHAMPS chart before on the back office door, but I think it a highly effective tool for primary students.

 Data is displayed for students to set goals towards where they should be each month in first grade. 

 Math manipulatives are well organized and easily accessible.

Another small detail I had never noticed before featuring Jennifer.  Small cones for students who have achieved above and beyond that week. 

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