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Thursday, September 11, 2014

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

When I saw this activity, I had two fun!!!!! and how crazy is it that 8 years ago this activity was non-existent.  It makes me think about how lucky we are to be part of a profession that must evolve as our world evolves.  This is brought to us by the amazing Carrie Preston, who is one of our fifth grade teachers.  If you haven't met our fifth grade team, you should, they are just a wealth of information and one of the nicest groups of people you could sit with during a meeting or training. 

Each of the "apps" represented something about themselves, something they have done, experienced, read, etc.  They then wrote in detail about the apps represented.  What a great getting to know you activity which captures their attention. 

While in her room I decided to capture this little activity. Carrie had showed it to me before school even started.  I know it is a pinterest "steal" and I have seen it around campus, but she was the first who showed it to me.  Another example of something I wish I had thought of when I was still teaching in the classroom. A student rolls a number cube and that is the way they have to focus on as they journal at the end of the lesson.  What a great way to mix up the activity: 

Thanks for sharing Carrie!!!

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