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Stingray Staff
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Friday, September 19, 2014

Setting the stage for mathematicians at work

This week I found myself in Molly Overby's room, where I found some outstanding examples of how many of set the stage for a safe learning environment, where students have the tools they need to have math conversations using mathematics vocabulary.  If you don't know Molly, she teaches second grade.  She looped with her students from first to second grade, and she is doing a fantastic job in her new grade level with her new team. 

One exemplary process she has in place are the mathematics processes and procedures that she has derived with her students: 

By setting the stage like this, Molly and many of our teachers here at Sexton are helping students grapple with complex math concepts using many of the 8 mathematical practices. 

Another component that caught my eye in her math area was the math vocabulary that she had displayed:  

And finally, while it is my job to monitor the curriculum components, I also love finding hidden treasures that show student personality.  One of my favorite finds, which are oh so cute:  

I love when students depict their likeness.  I love how they see themselves and the care and detail they have put into these masterpieces!!! 

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