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Stingray Staff
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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The First Two Days of School

As the year carries on from the first day to the tenth to the 100th, I find myself getting caught up in the pressures that accompany working in the field of education.  One of my personal challenges this year was to try and take the opportunity to enjoy the pure happiness of the first ten days of school.  The first ten days of school are a magical time in the field of education.  The real expectation throughout the school, from class to class is that the children are creating bonds within the classroom that will last and carry the class as they face the many challenges the 180 school days will bring.  From the administrative standpoint, I challenged myself to enjoy this time with the teachers and with the students and to find super (hero) examples of new families being born.

So there was where my quest started today.  Mission presented and mission accepted.

So how fun is the Hulk in the classroom library?  During preschool we had a superhero theme and our second grade team has enjoyed incorporating this with their students these first few days.  Great job to Becky Jenkins in 2nd grade.  What a creative way to lure kiddos to the classroom library!  Her kiddos are already over the moon exited about the superhero activities in store for them for the next week.  They want me to come back and visit as they complete more superhero challenges and I am anxious to see what their SUPER(hero) teacher has in store for them.

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