Stingray Staff

Stingray Staff
What a Super(hero) family!!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Can I just say.....

Can I just say I love my job?!?!?!?  I do.  I would take one good day like today to get me through the 30 days in between.  Today we had a fantastic celebration, which ended in the celebration of one of our teachers, Rick Stevens.  The kids and teachers enjoyed some of the students stories and after it was all over, a few teachers left him with one last parting gift by taking some of the posters and putting them on his vehicle.

After the stingray celebration I was able to visit another 3rd grade classroom to view a me museum.  In Kelly Czarnecki's class, students enjoyed learning more about each other through the student created displays.

And somewhere in the middle of those shenanigans, we were able to celebrate a birthday in the front office.

Like I said, I love my job and everyone there.  What a great way to spend a day!!!!!

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