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Stingray Staff
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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Teacher Feature: Gina Broadbear

Gina Broadbear is a fifth grade teacher, who has made teaching and her dedication to each child in her class her life's mission.  Her passion for the profession is palpable and she is a constant champion for students. 

 I know I have featured her concept maps before, but these tools are something that I can tell she is proud of.  It is a tool that I believe she picked up while teaching at an IB school.

 Vocabulary development is also something that Gina values in her classroom.  Her walls are filled with words, and her Language Arts journals have vocabulary building graphic organizers.  I would say it is the strongest aspect of her students' journals.

 The month I started collecting photos, she had won the stingray salute cape for the month.  It was displayed front and center as a point of pride.

Gina didn't have to be told twice to check out the math manips that were available in the resource room.  She found some fraction stackers (enough for each group in her classroom) and put them to good use within a week.  Students had access to one more type of manip to build that concrete understanding and each student had in their possession their fraction manipulative of choice.

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