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Stingray Staff
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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Don't forget...we need to have fun

Lisa Cook reminded me last week that the next couple month's is the equivalent of tax season in our schools.  It is easy to get caught up in ensuring that we squeeze in one more thing, often times to our own mental/emotional/physical detriment.  Please, as hard as it is, try and so something fun with your students.  Those are the moments that they will always remember and seeing the joy in their faces is what will remind you why we each decided to work with children in a school setting.  I am going to make it my mission to showcase some of the fun things that are happening around the building between now and spring break. We have to always remember why we are here.

 No questions asked, but in Gina Broadbear's room, the students created these little cardboard creatures to go along with something they were doing.  The students still have them displayed aroudn the classroom. 

 Leanne Lapointe create these sweet keepsakes for her students.  She asked each student to come up with one word for each of their classmates.  Then using wordle, she created something personal to represent each student's personality.

In Kiersten Lund's Kindergarten room, I came across these sweet snowmen.  Fine motor skills hard at work here!!!

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