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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Teacher Feature: Carrie Preston

If you are new to Sexton this year, you may not know but 5th grade teacher, Carrie Preston, has a mild obsession with Harry Potter in her classroom.  Carrie always insists that I intentionally walk through her room when she is about to go to recess or is indulging in something enjoyable with her students, but I just shake my head at her because I can tell by the student work around the room and outside her door, that plenty of good instruction is occurring in her classroom each and every day. 

 Outside Carrie's classroom, the walls are plastered with student work.  The work is always surrounded by the learning goals that they exemplify as displayed below.

 Harry Potter team points.  Her students really take on the Harry Potter theme eagerly.

 Another Harry Potter detail.  If you are a Harry Potter fan you should check out her classroom.
 Team building/class building activity.

 Always continuing to build on the fundamentals.

These two pictures show student work around independent and dependent variables.  Science showcase season is just around the corner.

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